Optimizing and troubleshooting Outlook for Mac OS X

I’m a Mac user. And Outlook for Mac makes me sad. That’s because, when compared to its Windows counterpart, Outlook for OS X (aka Outlook 2011) is an underperformer. Maybe it’s because the Windows version was built in the same shop as the Exchange service. Or maybe...

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What healthcare companies can learn from Anthem’s data breach

If you’ve followed the news behind Sony, JP Morgan and other highly publicized breaches, you’ll notice that this latest Anthem breach follows a very familiar trend. Corporate IT systems are fighting a losing battle against today’s hackers. Unfortunately, when it comes...

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Massive password hacks: How SSO makes it easier to cope

On Tuesday, a U.S. security firm uncovered that a group stole 1.2 billion Internet user credentials in what is being called the largest security breach in recent history. If you’ve seen the news coverage of this story, you’ve probably heard experts tell you to change...

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Upgrade to IP: Using Technology to Do More for Your Business

As a business owner, you understand the importance of keeping your business software programs current with the latest updates and upgrades in order to keep your company competitive. But how long has it been since you updated your phone system? Phone systems are often...

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When strategic business assets fail

According to analysts, the loss of a business-critical application service such as email could cost an organization in the region of $ 1,000 per minute – more than a million dollars per day – while the impact of data center downtime, brought about by a corporate-wide...

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How to compare UPS Systems

Having reviewed a lot of UPS ads out there, it is clear that some guidance on how to choose the most appropriate UPS System, and more importantly how to compare one UPS system against another. Firstly, technology – generally speaking an online double conversion UPS is...

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Making Mobility Work For You

The "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) phenomenon that is capturing the attention of business owners in organizations of all sizes is even more relevant for SMBs that are constantly looking for ways to reduce expenses and "do more with less." With employees leading the...

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Top 5 Keys To Secure Cloud Deployment

Here are five of the most important components of any secure cloud services deployment. For many businesses, cloud services pose both a great opportunity and a major challenge. The benefits of this technology are, by this point, fairly well established: With the...

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10 Steps to a Successful VoIP Rollout

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems vary greatly in their features, capabilities, size, form factor, service connectivity, cabling, phone sets, etc. The technology has evolved greatly over the past decade, yet the fundamentals of IP PBX systems — such as...

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