IT Asset Disposition

To remain productive and competitive in today’s marketplace, it is a necessity to keep your IT capabilities current by staying abreast of hardware and software advances. CTI offers unique solutions that make the most out of retired IT equipment.

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The Responsible Way to Recycle Your Electronics

CTI helps your business focus on staying competitive in the marketplace and alleviates the concern of the logistics associated with managing an aging infrastructure.

In the process of keeping your IT capabilities current, you often end up with idle assets: desktops, laptops, printers and other equipment that no longer meet your business requirements — yet still represents a significant investment. Devoting your own time and resources to refurbish, redeploy or dispose of these assets lowers any gain you may realize and detracts from your core business activities.

CTI can relieve the time and cost a business incurs in maintaining an aging IT infrastructure. Every issue and risk associated with asset disposition is handled professionally and properly — removing the responsibility from your internal management. In fact, we create an opportunity for you to turn your IT liabilities into income producing assets drastically reducing costly expense and driving profit. So whether it’s redeployment, remarketing, or recycling, our team of experts work closely with you throughout the entire process — executing a “tailor-fit” strategy that drastically improves ROI.

Core Technologies is partnered with a certified e-Steward company to provide environmentally sound, sustainable disposition solutions for our customers.

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