FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Value: $3.3M

Location: San Diego, CA

Contracting Officer: Sheila Morrison

Contract Effort Description: This task order for the FBI San Diego, CA Prospectus location is part of the broader facility modernization and refurbishment program effort and involves the provision of cabling in support of data, low voltage, Cable TV, satellite diversity and telephone cable requirements. Core Technologies, Inc. provided a turn-key solution that included all labor, materials, and ancillary materials and services needed to successfully achieve the objectives of the project. The fiber network cabling portion of this project consisted of installing a traditional fiber optic and CAT 6 distribution system to support four (4) data communications network enclaves. The networks total capability supports approximately Three Thousand Two Hundred Ninety One (3291) drops.

Quality: Core technologies provided a cabling solution and installation that supported data, voice, CATV and security and satellite systems. They demonstrated excellent managerial oversight and provided strong knowledgeable technical staff in all areas, which resulted in the PWS being performed at a high level of achievement. They went above and beyond the norm to work around any issues on site and to adjust schedules and staffing requirements as needed to support the efforts of the General Contractor and sub contractors. They also showed great ingenuity in their processes and as a result were able to streamline tasks and reduce costs. Core’s team ranged from 12 to 25 on-site technicians and support staff, depending on current demand. They also managed an extensive list of inventory that consisted of thousands of items. Core’s services were exceptional in all areas.

Schedule: Core Technologies provided a detailed project plan which included a breakdown of the materials and installation timeline. They worked closely with the General contractor and GSA to adapt to any schedule changes and adjusted staffing as needed to accommodate the changes. They completed the project on schedule without any delays.

Cost Control: To reduce costs Core Technologies implemented several cost saving processes. They used in-house resources at their corporate office to complete tasks off-site such as label printing, material assembling, and inventory staging. This allowed their technicians on-site to focus on the installation and not administrative and logistical tasks. As a small business and company, they offer very competitive pricing and manage costs extremely well. Core did not seek any modifications on this project and provided a great value to the Government.

Business Relations: Core displayed excellent communication skills throughout the project. They maintained full and open communications and weekly progress reports and attended all meetings with the various groups involved in the project. They received high praises from on-site management regarding their flexibility and eagerness to work together to produce a successful project.

Management: Core Technologies provided a Project Manager and lead Forman for this project. Both worked closely with the Government Project Managers and the FBI San Diego POC’s. Also during Kick Off, and at regular intervals during the project, Corporate Executive Management were present to oversee progress and assist as necessary. Management demonstrated the key knowledge necessary in all aspects of the project to include: technical requirements ,administrative matters, security requirements, staffing fluctuations, logistics and inventory control. The Core Technologies Management team was proactive, highly involved and had direct oversight of the project which lead to a very successful on-time and in-budget completion

Utilization of Small Business: Core Technologies is a Woman Owned, 8A, Minority Owned Small Business Enterprise.

Additional/Other: Core Technologies is a professional, hard working small business enterprise that puts customer service first and foremost. They are experts in their field and continuously seek to provide ingenuity. They are supportive, flexible and go above and beyond to keep schedules intact and costs under control. They are transparent in their operations, and their business relationships are second to none. They can handle very complex projects with ease. I would highly recommend them for future government projects.

Recommendation: Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award them today given that I had the choice.

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Project Value: 1.5M

Location: Huntsville, AL

Contracting Officer: Sheila Morrison

Contract Effort Description: FBI facilities in Huntsville, AL are undergoing renovations and will require the installation of a structured network cabling plant in accordance with attached FBI design specifications/drawings and guidance within this PWS. The contractor shall be responsible for all parts, labor and other hardware directly associated with the structured cabling plant including, but not limited to.

  1. Project Management, Scheduling and Quality Assurance
  2. Permits, Licenses, Inspection Scheduling and Fees
  3. Periodic Field Observations Reports
  4. Inspections and Tests
  5. Final Acceptance and Work Closeout

Quality: CTI quality of work met and/or exceeded the requirements of the PWS. The terminations of the multi-mode fiber connections were flawless and met or exceeded all final end to end test parameters. All racks were well reinforced and all cable management systems and techniques were employed. The Cat6 drops were installed as required and all Cat6 wire plants met and/or exceed final test parameters. The entire installation was done with fit and finish and professionalism in mind.

Schedule: CTI maintained the schedule as presented making necessary changes as needed. The contractor met all schedule milestones – any delays or changes were not because of the contractor.

Cost Control: The project was completed within the proposed pricing. Any increases were not originated by the contractor.

Management: CTI provided a full time Project Manager and/or Project Lead. Continual status updates were provided throughout the life of the task. CTI maintained a professional relationship with the other trades on site and worked to eliminate any cross company interference before it got started. All of CTI’s resources were well managed with the goal of the project at the forefront of the operation.

Recommendation: Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or orders most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)

Project Value: $201K

Location: Macon, GA

Assessing Officer: Christopher Frank

Contract Effort Description: This task consists of the procurement and installation of a VoIP system and the supporting data/voice network infrastructure. The task shall consist of installing a traditional fiber optics and CAT6 cabling support 7 data/voice communication networks.

Quality: CTI has thus far provided excellent quality installation and worksmanship in providing the customer with a network infrastructure build out and a VoIP system at the Macon site. All fiber and Cat6 terminations have been installed with minimum failure and/or re-work and have exceeded the test parameters established by the national codes and specifications.

Schedule: CTI’s ability to shift resources and stay ahead of schedule should be commended in light of the numerous government delays experienced thus far. CTI worked hand in hand with the client to idntify and address numerous schedule milestones put in jeopardy by the continual construction issues that hampered the project early on. CTI’s ability to overcome these delays is the only reason the project stayed on track.

Cost Control: CTI has kept the project cost at the awarded ceiling and have not driven the cost beyond the award amount even though there have been many delays in the construction process. They have kept their prices as quoted and worked with their suppliers to ensure the government will pay the quoted price.

Management: CTI has managed this project with an emphasis on communication up and down the chain as well as across trades. All stakeholders are well informed of any issues in a timely manner. Problems are solved expeditiously with minimal disruption to schedule or deliverables.

Additional/Other: CTI has performed very well thus far and there is strong confidence they will continue to do so.

Recommendation: Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

DODEA (Department of Defense Education Activity)

Project Value: $3.9M

Location: DODEA Americas

Contracting Officer: Nina Lin

Contract Effort Description: Deliver turnkey wireless LAN solutions to school campus. Provide expert technical and management services. Support includes project management, engineering, design, cabling, hardware consulting, systems integration, technical support and installation.

Schedule: Vendor executed all services within contract requirements. This was an exceptional effort in execution.

Cost Control: Vendor submittal and execution was flawless resulting no surprises in cost.

Business Relations: Vendor worked closely with IT staff and school administration during material deliveries, installation services, and was able to avoid any impact to instructional time in schools.

Management: Vendor provided subject matter experts on all aspects of the turn-key solution. Challenges were quickly handled by the SMEs working closely with the product manufacturers.

Recommendation: Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today given that I had a choice.

FOH (Federal Occupational Health)

Project Value: $2.2M

Location: US Nationwide

Contracting Officer: David Wilson

Contract Effort Description: The objective of this Project is to provide high-speed digital Internet access for over 200+ geographically dispersed sites including Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii The objective includes nationwide flat rate/always-on high speed digital Internet access (inclusive of project management, billing, maintenance, etc) using regional Internet Service Providers (ISP). The services include the provision of high-speed digital Internet access to current FOH offices to allow for a growth up to 250 new locations during the life of the task order. The Contractor shall advise the Government of any new technology or services when they become commercially available.

Quality: CORE has been a VERY Good vendor to work with on this project. Their desire to be a partner in this effort was apparent from contract award to contract closeout. Their decentralized decision making, price consciousness, technical competence, and willingness to go the extra mile was instrumental in providing VERY GOOD contract support and highly appreciated by FOH and GSA.

Schedule: The contractor met all assigned timelines. The contractor worked closely with organizations throughout FOH to ensure schedules were met and provide policies, procedures, and guidance documentation for review and acceptance by the FOH Project Manager. Further, the contractor worked with original equipment manufacturers and vendors to ensure projects stayed on schedule.

Cost Control: The contractor meets all cost reporting requirements and maintains Very Good communications on cost related issues. The contractor is timely and accurate in submissions of invoices. All cost issues are worked through with the management team on a monthly basis.

Management: CORE Technologies Program Manager was very instrumental in facilitating the overall success of this project. The PM ensured that the contractor team remained focused on providing the required Broad Band services to 200+ locations Worldwide. The PM remained focuses on providing the customer with Very Good service and resolving any issues or revised requirements in a timely and efficient manner. The PM’s attention to detail, flexibility, thorough understanding of contract management, and overall decision making facilitated a successful project.

Additional/Other: Based on the ratings provided, Core Technologies performed very well during this period.

Recommendation: Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

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