Integration is a powerful concept. When solutions that organize and monetize your business, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and unified communications systems (UC), are integrated together, you get more productivity out of each of those investments. It’s like earning compound interest.

A truly intelligent unified communications system is able to identify your customers’ phone numbers and route them to a designated queue, or even to a specific operator. So what if you could take that one step further? What if you could categorize and route calls according to the more intrinsic details of a unique customer relationship based on your CRM software, such as whether they’re a first time caller, how much they’ve purchased, whether their bill is overdue, or whether they need to reinstate a service contract?

Your customer records hold a wealth of this kind of information – information that when integrated successfully with your UC system will enable it to perform a whole new level of functionality when it comes to call routing and classification. And provide you with more streamlined and efficient business processes, not to mention your callers with an entirely new level of superior service.

Now let’s take it ten steps further. The ability to integrate an intelligent messaging platform with your customer records allows for almost unlimited, creative strategies that address customer – and corporate – needs. First-hand examples from some of our customers who are benefitting from the integration of their Wave IP system with CRM apps include:

  • A law firm that integrated its CRM records to create a detailed incoming call routing system. Its customer record system tracks the progress of each client’s case and assigns a status level to different points in the legal process. A customized message was created for each level, so when clients call in to check on their case, they automatically hear a message from the firm’s representative handling their case as to its precise status.
  • A European customer that is now able to automatically route callers from different countries directly to an operator who speaks their language. Callers whose payments are more than 60 days past due are routed straight to a billing representative instead of the sales team.
  • At several auto dealerships, CRM integration with the Wave IP is used to create granular reports on the sales team and business development center activities, so managers know which customers have been contacted by whom and when. These real-time reports are often displayed as dashboards on monitors to keep the whole team informed – and accountable.

Vertical is always developing new ways for our UC infrastructure to improve your business processes. If you have any questions about how CRM integration can compound your unified communications capabilities, just let us know how we can help.

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