About MPLS

Multi-Protocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is a Wide Area Networking Technology that provides the performance and privacy of legacy WAN technologies such as Frame Relay, combined with cost advantages and flexibility of packet-based IP networks.

MPLS enables the creation of secure, reliable private network VPN’s between multiple locations which are simple to manage, easy to deploy and provide Quality of Service (QOS) support. Furthermore, the technology enables data to be transmitted efficiently across a network infrastructure utilizing a technology known as Label Switching.

The MPLS product is offered on all NetCarrier Integrated Voice and Data solutions. MPLS can traverse many different kinds of physical networks such as IP, ATM, SONET and Ethernet infrastructures.

NetCarrier’s MPLS Network can be deployed Nationwide, and can be delivered via T1, Ethernet over Copper, or Dedicated Fiber. If your business has multiple locations, NetCarrier’s advanced MPLS technology may be the perfect fit for you to create your own secure, private network.

  • Network your Phone System
  • Tie Multiple Locations to a Single Server
  • Tie Multiple Servers Together
  • Prioritize Traffic to YOUR Specifications
  • Speeds up 10GB/sec

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