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About IDSN Voice

NetCarrier’s ISDN PRI product is an ideal voice solution for large businesses with significant telecommunications needs. It is tried-and-true technology which is among the most cost-effective solutions in the marketplace today. It is a dynamic solution which can be tailored to meet any company’s needs with the following three configurations:

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Standard Configuration

The Standard Configuration provides 23B and 1D channel (primary). While the B channels carry digital voice traffic, the D channel carries the signaling required to manage the B channels.

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Full Channel Configuration

The Full Channel Configuration provides 24B channels which can be used to carry 24 digital channels of voice traffic. This option must be utilized in conjunction with the Standard Configuration Option because at least one D channel is required to manage this arrangement.

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Backup “D” Channel Configuration

The Backup “D” Channel Configuration is utilized to provide a redundant “D” channel in case the primary D channel is out of service. This option must be utilized in conjunction with the Standard Configuration.

NetCarrier’s PRI solution is ideal for larger businesses that have more than 17 voice lines. Features include local, IntraLATA, long distance, international and toll-free calling.

NetCarrier’s PRI solution is often used in conjunction with TeleFlex or MiniFlex to give your company the expanded bandwidth it needs plus the extra savings you want. It can handle up to 24 voice lines and provides volume discounts based on the number of minutes used each month. Plus you’ll still be dealing with one service provider instead of multiple providers and multiple bills. For this combination to work your PBX system must be able to accept a PRI connection.

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