Data T1/Private Line Services

About Data T1/Private Line Services

T1 service offers a high-bandwidth dedicated digital connection with stringent Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities. A single T1 connection provides Internet connections up to 1.544 Mbps of bandwidth. NetCarrier offers both full and fractional point-to-point leased line T1s and frame relay T1s.

Larger corporations with greater bandwidth needs may be candidates for bonded multiple T1s or an Ethernet connection. Bonded T1s are two or more T1 circuits combined as one larger circuit. Ethernet circuits are delivered using high bandwidth fiber optic circuits which allows you to start small and increase your bandwidth as your needs grow. To find out more about this reliable service and how it can improve your business while saving you money, please contact us for a consultation.

For Private Line:

Private Line circuits are private circuits that connect 2 or more locations together. These circuits can be delivered as T1 or Ethernet, and can be used for voice or data. Pricing factors are determined based on the distance between customer locations and the type of bandwidth required.

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