5 Reasons Why Costly File Servers Are a Relic of the Past

Costs aren't the only downside to File Servers. If you’re running a File Server, then you may be at risk. Here are five reasons why File Servers are costly and slow down your business: File Servers are high-cost and low-agility.File Servers are machines, and machines...

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Strong Password

In the movies, the bad guys pound furiously on a keyboard while techno music blasts and Matrix-style code flashes across their screens. In reality, the bad guys just launch dictionary tools on high-powered computers that make automatic attempts to guess your password....

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Our Hosted PBX Cost Savings Study is here!

We love a good challenge. So when we were challenged to prove our “50% savings on Hosted PBX” claim, we couldn’t wait to dive into the numbers. And a deep dive it was. Our study looked at the phone bills of 19 small and medium sized businesses, and how much they paid...

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Hosted PBX saves you 50% or more… and we can prove it!

How much can you save with Hosted PBX? Our study looked at 19 companies' phone costs and the results might be surprising. To see how businesses like yours save 50% or more, watch this 1 minute video. Cost savings are just the beginning. Hosted PBX offers a full suite...

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How to mitigate Rogue Access with ConnectID and ShareSync

According to Ascend Technologies' 2014 SMB Rogue Access study, 68% of ex-employees stored work files in personal cloud storage and 89% of ex-employees retain access to their corporate apps! That’s probably because services like Dropbox and Google Docs are so easy to...

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Best practices for tracking access to IT systems

Osterman Research recently surveyed knowledge workers about their access to former employers’ IT systems. An incredible 89% of respondents retained access to at least one system—such as Salesforce, PayPal, email, SharePoint and other sensitive corporate apps. Key...

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